10 Inspired Pink Living Room Designs


Living room designs can be inspired from anywhere, whether it is paint the walls, furniture and living room interior did not escape the attention of, one of the interesting living room design is pink living room. Inspired by women favorite color, pink. The colors are much preferred them to the living room decor options. Most women like to set up room and house interior, Inspired pink living room ideas is designed to help them get a stylish living room as you wish, minimalist living room furniture and a simple room arrangement can certainly be done by anyone. If you are interested in pink living room design and want to rearrange your living room decor at this time then the pink living room ideas becomes a very easy choice.

There are many ways to change the design of your living room to be more cheerful, one of which is by adding pink accents to the decoration. As we know, pink is a color that can give a bright impression to a room. This color is also believed to bring a calming aura. In fact, in feng shui the color pink is symbolized by love and romance. The color pink in the room is also very suitable to be combined with various colors, such as white, black or blue. Here are some of our favorite pink living room ideas that you can copy at home.

1. The combination of a pink living room with an elegant industrial design creates a strong character in this living room.

2. Pink is also great for a vintage living room style or a beautiful shaby chic look.

3. Simple and aesthetic, this pink living room design gives a different perspective because it feels a little masculine with the art on the walls and wooden floor.

4. This combination of pink living room and work space feels comfortable and spacious.

5. Don’t really want to stand out but still look charming. Install light pink curtains in a neutral living room.

6. Feels like a luxury holiday villa. The ethnic living room decoration is combined with a luxurious pink velvet sofa.

7. An open concept is an effective way to make any room more spacious, like this living room design with eye-catching pink accents.

8. A mix of soft colors feels comfortable in a living room equipped with a fireplace. We love the beautiful mix of pink and sage green.

9. The pink living room design and purple accents are quite bold. You can copy this decoration to show personality while making a statement on the wall.

10. There is nothing better than the combination of pink and white. Apart from making the living room look more cheerful, the room will also feel more spacious and brighter.

source : pinterest


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