Finestre villas is a romantic holiday surrounded by beach and steep cliffs awesome, located in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico. CC Arquitectos has successfully completed villa Finestre the dream of every couple in the world, its location on the edge of the cliff face to face with view of the beach, you can enjoy sunset from any corner of the villa. If you do not already have plans for honeymoon spot, then finestre villa can be perfect alternative, there is an outdoor pool and enjoyable amenities for you to enjoy with friends. In this post will feature designs for your reference Finestre  [ Read More ]

Sited on the edge of a 70-metre high cliff, the plan of Holman House refers to Picasso’s painting The Bather. It contains a complex series of fluid living spaces set within a meandering perimeter that arcs, folds and stretches in response to sun, landscape and views. Living and dining areas cantilever out over the ocean, allowing dramatic views up and down the coast. The lower floor forms a base that is built from rough stone walls like an extension of the cliff below. These walls continue along the cliff edge to form a series of eccentric terraced gardens and a  [ Read More ]

Villa Rotterdam With Green Space by Ooze Architects – Description by Ooze Architects, “The project is the conversion of a villa located in the green neighborhood in Rotterdam using a series of side extensions to accommodate new programs and ease the overall circulation within and the house. The villa is composed of an eclectic set of building: An original building from the early 20th century, a first extension built in 1991 mirroring the house and tripling the areas of it, and , a 2003 remodelling to add 3 rooms and several facilities just before the current owner moved in. Few  [ Read More ]

Are you also a big fan Twilight Saga movies? You must know about Edward Cullen family residence that appeared in first film, contemporary home in Twilight Saga has become one from the movie’s appeal. The house is actually owned by John Hoke, a Nike shoes design director, he will lead us to look beyond contemporary house design with amazing properties. Mixed wood with concrete construction makes house look natural for superb views into the woods surrounding property almost all sides. Contemporary homes featuring lots of floor and ceiling of the timber, Edward Cullen house as an interesting mystery to be  [ Read More ]

Lifestyle trends have progressed to next stage, including desire of many people to have modern apartment with all luxury amenities offered. Modern and futuristic apartments located in Sweden was the inspiration in building apartments design like that everybody wants, this apartment is small part of expectations that will give you lots of attractive apartment ideas. Interior is dominated by modern contemporary furnishings, this apartment has two stairways that connect the upper floors, while black and white made chic decor with modern apartment concept. Room is more open to the uneven circulation of cool air, wooden floors also make cold apartment,  [ Read More ]