Villa Rotterdam With Green Space by Ooze Architects

Villa Rotterdam With Green Space by Ooze Architects – Description by Ooze Architects, “The project is the conversion of a villa located in the green neighborhood in Rotterdam using a series of side extensions to accommodate new programs and ease the overall circulation within and the house. The villa is composed of an eclectic set of building: An original building from the early 20th century, a first extension built in 1991 mirroring the house and tripling the areas of it, and , a 2003 remodelling to add 3 rooms and several facilities just before the current owner moved in. Few years later, those series of extensions have proven to be highly inefficient with a set of substantially unusable spaces. This has resulted in an introvert and dysfunctional house negating the natural elements giving the house its charm; the canal, the forest and the gardens. In order to open the house to those features, a continuous series of spaces wraps around the house from the front garden to the back lawn all the way up to the roof. The family can gather indoor, around and above the house, experiencing new informal locations to enjoy a new family life closer to nature. From dining to kitchen via the winter garden…From kitchen to stairs via the garden lounge…. From the stair to the rooms via the family room.”












source : ooze, archilovers


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