10 Tiny Prayer Room Ideas With Mini Garden

Towards the holy month of Ramadan, every Muslim has prepared as well as possible. From getting closer to God to making a comfortable prayer room at home. That way, worship activities will be more enjoyable, especially if done with family. Having a small prayer room is not a barrier to making you and your family more diligent in worship. The cool and comfortable atmosphere of the mosque certainly makes your worship more solemn.

You don’t have to have a large room or luxurious furniture when you want to build a prayer room. Just make sure the mosque must be really clean and comfortable when used for each family member. Adding a green thumb or indoor plants has proven effective in making the atmosphere fresher, or you can also apply an open concept that connects the prayer room with the outdoors. It can put a glass window or leave the wall open, make sure the prayer room remains connected to the mini garden. Here I have collected ten inspirations for you to try at home!

1. A prayer room with open walls makes the atmosphere of prayer feel more refreshing. Good air circulation and natural sunlight are also good for keeping your mood more solemn in worship.


2. Build a mini prayer room resembling a pulpit in the house so you feel closer to God. Add some green plant details to give freshness to the room.


3. The mini prayer room implements an open concept with exposed brick walls. Besides the cool terrace, there is an ablution place nearby with abundant water sources.


4. Even though it is small in size, this prayer room is still cozy with an open concept. Equipped with linge chairs and grass rugs that make you feel like you are in nature.


5. Has a minimalist appearance with large window walls allowing you to enjoy the view outside the room, this prayer room still gives you privacy.


6. Similar to the design of a small mosque in general. However, here you can also add details to a mini indoor garden with houseplants or white coral.


7. This prayer room is in the middle of the house with a mini garden concept in front of it. Although it feels minimalist but still gives a cool and refreshing feeling.


8. Hardwood floor decks are a great way to add a natural touch to a small prayer room at home. It doesn’t have to be big, but you can make it comfortable by adding various types of houseplants.


9. This prayer room has an aesthetic design suitable for a small room. From large windows, Islamic wall displays to a variety of decorative plants that make it look natural.


10. Create an indoor garden as well as a small prayer room in the house. Make simple arrangements that you find most cozy.



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