15 Easy DIY Halloween Cardboard Decorations


Halloween this year made us much more enthusiastic because we had been preparing for it from the start. Slightly different from previous years, this time we want to involve children in celebrating their fun holiday. There are lots of Halloween trinkets and decorations we can choose from, but some of our little ones’ favorite ideas are priced too high. Perhaps this is the reason many people prefer to shop until the day after Halloween to get some of the decorations they want. We always get some great items at 50% off, even if we have to wait until next year to use them.

When it comes to kids and Halloween decorations, try to be creative and come up with your own decoration ideas. Like making crafts or some DIY, and this time cardboard is our main tool. So, why cardboard? We all know that cardboard is often considered rubbish and is often simply ignored. In fact, when you buy goods online it is always wrapped in cardboard which we never thought would be useful. Grab any cardboard in your shed or around the house for an easy Halloween DIY project. We’re sure you just need a little inspiration!

1. A mini Halloween haunted house looks cool with black accents. This is a great decoration for a display table in the living room.


2. This cardboard cat wall hanging adds a cute touch to your Halloween decorations.


3. There are also cardboard spiders that kids will love. This time use a rope to hang it on the wall.


4. Make a bat mold from cardboard then paint it black, use it as a wall decoration in any room.


5. A cardboard Halloween silhouette that attracts anyone’s attention when they pass by your front door.


6. Very creative, this haunted house-shaped table lamp is really made from cardboard.


7. Take a cardboard roll and turn it into an adorable miniature ghost, the kids will really love it.


8. Cardboard spiders with a simpler shape, you can make them into Halloween displays or wall decorations.


9. This is a kid’s favorite cardboard Halloween DIY project. A haunted house that will make your little one’s holiday even more fun.


10. An adorable cardboard frame ready to welcome your guests at the front of your house.


11. A creative cardboard Halloween castle featuring bats, flying witches and scary pumpkin faces.


12. Easy to make cardboard Halloween window coverings. Complete it with a silhouette of a hand that seems to appear from behind the window.


13. This cardboard Halloween door decoration is a real eye-catcher. Besides adding a cardboard doorstop, also add spider webs and bats to liven up the atmosphere.


14. A cardboard Halloween castle that will keep kids entertained throughout the holiday season.


15. Not only indoors, also decorate your outdoor space with tombstones made of cardboard.



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