20 Cool Punk Bedroom Ideas For Teenager’s


The punk style first appeared around the 1970s in England, as part of a musical reaction against the hippie culture of the previous generation. At the beginning of its appearance, punk was considered to be a self-reflection and a taste for rock music that was crunchy. Punk continued to develop into a look that teenagers liked to some degree. In terms of fashion, they are often recognized through their use of leather, denim and tartan clothing all used to create a unique fashion style.

When punk came into vogue, little thought was given to its strengths with interior design. Usually punk is currently mostly applied to teenage bedrooms that are oriented towards music and clothing. A punk inspired bedroom is a place where a teenager can express some of their vision. If you are interested in bringing punk rock style into your bedroom decor, here I have summarized some of the inspiration for you to try. Enjoy!


Music elements

Punk is synonymous with unique tastes in music, so you can add a guitar or two to your bedroom. As well as a neatly styled acoustic guitar, a true punk fan will appreciate the electric rock guitar with a sturdy body and tapered strap. Make sure the guitar is mounted on a wall or floor using a stand next to the amplifier. For a cool look, the amp and guitar should be distressed or vintage like you see them at concerts. If you can’t play guitar, use one or two guitar pictures to achieve a similar look.


Patterns and prints

Another important design cue for getting a punk bedroom is the use of patterns and prints. Instead of displaying pricey original band art, reproduction prints would look great in a teen’s bedroom. Avoid regular patterns for any look you have in mind. Images look better when they clash and even compete for attention visually. Trying to evoke anything about the heyday of 1970s punk is good for the room’s design.


Walls and ceiling

Cover the walls and ceiling of a punk room with punk-inspired décor. Let artwork and prints rearrange easily, so views can be changed whenever you want. Use a variety of design elements, such as skateboards, guitars and warm lighting with string lights. For the perfect skater punk look, you can choose a mural that spans more than one wall and ceiling.


Furnitur anda décor

The punk bedroom actually doesn’t have any specific rules, the design can adhere to any style from modern, classic, shabby chic, boho, and many more. But distressed and reused furniture works wonders in a punk-inspired bedroom. Room décor that matches your style and personality certainly adds to the punk-driven sense of coziness. Putting in an item or two of broken furniture, exposed brick walls or patched paint, would complete the look of a teen punk room.

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