20 Easy And Minimalist Kitchen Design With IKEA KNOXHULT


Welcoming the beginning of the year, maybe you have plans to redecorate your kitchen, and IKEA KNOXHULT is one of the products that catches our attention the most. Assembling KNOXHULT can be a pleasure in itself because it’s like you are building blocks in a kitchen. If you like a minimalist kitchen design to optimize functionality as well as aesthetics, then this furniture has many different variants, starting from the size and color variants.

KNOXHULT from IKEA features a combination of base cabinets and wall cabinets with doors and worktops, allowing you to combine them however you want and create the kitchen of your dreams more easily. You just need to place them in the right area, or simply choose the finishing touches like handles, knobs and your favorite cookware.

So, why do you have to have the KNOXHULT collection in your next kitchen design? Here are some inspirations for you to know!


Easy to assemble according to your wishes

KNOXHULT modular kitchen makes it easy for anyone to create the kitchen of their dreams. You can plan, design and create kitchen solutions to your liking. Mix and match kitchen cabinets, then add knobs or handles, then complete with a variety of kitchen accessories such as table settings, waste sorting, lighting, and your cooking equipment.


Made from quality materials

KNOXHULT is made of quality materials. The cabinets are made of melamine foil, the edges are made of plastic and also particle board which makes this cabinet more comfortable. The cabinet doors are made of fibreboard, plastic foil and the edges are also made of plastic. The surface is made of melamine foil, laminate and also particle board. All of the materials are of high quality and are sure to last a long time.


There are many choices of types and colors

Whatever kitchen style you prefer, you can apply it to the decor. From the white cabinet, to the gray cabinet combined with natural colors. If you want a more natural room theme, then choose a gray color, if you want a modern look, you can choose white. KNOXHULT is now also available in various sizes. Please select the size according to the size of your kitchen space. That way, the furniture will look right and comfortable when used.


Easy to apply mixer faucet

KNOXHULT allows you to add an additional faucet, namely the mixer faucet type. You can use it to wash cutlery or cooking utensils. The material for the mixer faucet in this cabinet is also a good material. The faucet is made of chrome plated brass. This is also the advantage of the cabinet so that it can help make kitchen work easier.


Sink from the best materials

In the cabinet unit there is also a washbasin which is made of good material. The available mixer and tub faucets make it a nice and convenient cabinet for your kitchen needs. Single inset tub. The basic material is made of stainless steel so it can last longer.


Easy to care for

KNOXHULT kitchen cabinet from IKEA is an easy piece of furniture to maintain. You only need to wipe it with a soft cloth if there is dirt or dust by adding liquid to the cloth for optimal cleaning of dust and dirt. If needed, you can also add soap to the liquid and then clean it with a cloth. Enjoy!















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