20 Exciting And Educative Wallpaper Ideas For Kids Room


Do you feel that paintingkids bedrooms is monotonous and want to turn it into fun? Using wallpaper can be an easy and practical solution. However, the selection of wallpaper motifs for kids rooms must also be adjusted to the wishes of your child, blend with the theme of the room and reflect your child’s personality. Different ages or children’s characters, of course there will be different wallpaper motifs to be applied to their rooms.

Exciting and educative wallpaper for kids room

As children develop, choose wallpaper motifs that can provide educational tools that can increase knowledge. Inspiration for children’s room wallpapers can be obtained from the preferred theme or certain characters that are your little one’s favorite, for example the themes of animals, forests, planets, and many more. In addition, you can also present floral accents or mix several colors to brighten up a child’s room, for example adding a story to one of the bedroom walls or strengthening the bedroom theme with the right wallpaper motif.


Choosing wallpaper for kids room

The first step you have to do is to know your child’s hobbies and character in order to get the appropriate motives. Then, will all the walls of the room be covered with wallpaper or only part of the wall? Apart from adjusting to the budget, the effect of using wallpaper will feel different when you apply it to one or four walls. If your children are toddlers, bright and lively wallpaper motifs are proven to be effective in increasing their thinking power. On the other hand, for children who have started to grow up, choose wallpaper with a calmer pattern to create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. It may also be adjusted to the wishes of your little one, depending on the color and pattern. So, try to involve kids in this.


Kids room wallpaper ideas

In addition to the bedroom area, kids playroom is usually attached or separated from their room. Use bright colors and cute motifs, because psychologically they can add great joy to the playroom. For the bedroom, it is advisable to apply it in just one area or not too much, because at any time they will get bored or want to replace it with another motif.

Another idea is to provide a growing wall that provides an empty wall to be used as a wall of fame for your little one, for example to display pictures, posters of his favorite superhero, or even take photos with his school friends.

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