7 Cozy Reading Nooks To Curling Up With Book


For those of you who like to read, you definitely want a comfortable private area, a place where you can spend time reading, and store all your favorite book collections. However, space limitations are often an obstacle when we want to create a special space for reading, so you need to think creatively about utilizing the corners in each room to make it your dream reading room.

Curling up on the couch with a good book is heaven for book lovers, and today I’ve rounded up some reading room ideas you can incorporate into your home. You don’t have to add extra space or have a large room, you can combine one of the rooms in your house into a pleasant reading nooks.

Because when reading you need a place that is comfortable and undisturbed, here I’ve put together 7 inspirational reading nook ideas.

1. Reading nook in the family room


There are several easy and practical ways to build a reading corner in the family room. First, follow the arrangement of the reading room by adding a built-in bookshelf. Then all that remains is to place the sofa between these bookshelves. Also make sure the family room at home is close to a window so that it allows the incoming sunlight to become natural lighting.

2. Reading room in the window nook


An important element when building a reading room is lighting and air circulation. That’s why, you can place the reading room in the window nook facing out. Natural lighting and incoming air will make the reading room atmosphere cooler and more enjoyable.

3. The hallway is transformed into a cozy reading nook


The hallway is an area which gives us the trouble of designing and decorating it. This long and spacious area often looks messy, so you can turn it into a reading corner. We recommend using long chairs to maximize the aisle, or create an open concept so that the aisle feels wider.

4. Reading nook in the loft


Loft is often an area that is often neglected, usually only used as a warehouse or storage area for old objects. Whereas the attic is ideal to be converted into a reading nook because it has a low noise level. Besides being hidden, a reading nook in the attic will also give you extra comfort because it’s like having a secret room at home.

5. Reading nook in the kids room


The reading nook in kids room should be designed as attractive as possible to increase children’s interest in reading. Store books on a shelf that is placed near the reading corner so that they can easily reach them. Also apply a child’s reading corner that is safe and comfortable with floor mattresses or children’s toys. For privacy, a curtain will act as a play space while guarding hiding space.

6. Reading nook under the stairs


The small area under the stairs can be transformed into a functional reading corner. Add benches, pillows, and blankets to make you feel relaxed while reading, while the bottom of the bench can be used as a storage area by adding drawers. To make it more interesting, you can also add a theme such as beach or farmhouse decorations.

7. Reading nook connected to the outdoors


Enjoying reading time while looking at outdoor scenery is indeed much more enjoyable. The reading atmosphere will also feel cool and refreshing because you are directly connected to the outdoors. Create a reading nook by a window, or link to gardens and backyards.


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