7 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Cats


Have a plan to keep a cat at home? If you need a loyal friend or really like pets, cats deserve to be part of your family. Whatever the reason, when you want to adopt a cat you need to know a few basic things to ensure the pet can grow up healthy and happy.

Apart from their adorable fur, cats are animals that like to mess up the house when their needs are not met properly. For example, you have to really prepare everything for your cat’s needs such as food, cat house, litter box, and many more.

So, it would be better before you decide to bring a cat home, you already know what basic needs this pet needs.


For beginners who have plans to keep cats at home, don’t worry because you can get various cat needs at pet stores. Here are some things you must know before taking care of cats at home. Get inspired!

1. Cat Essentials


As you can see above, there are various essentials that you must prepare before adopting a cat. It consists of a series of tools and food that are important for cats to fulfill all their nutrients and vitamins. There are also various grooming tools to keep pets clean.

2. Cat Litter Box


There are two types of cat litter boxes, namely sand that clumps easily or in the form of crystals. The best advice is to use a clumping litter box as it’s easy to clean up and won’t hurt your cat’s paws. However, there are also those who choose crystal because it can absorb liquids well.

3. Cat Odor Eliminate


As a result of the smell of feces and cat urine which tends to be strong, it can make you and your family feel disturbed. The solution is, you need to prepare cat cleaners and odor removers, especially those living in apartments. You can buy a cat scent sprayer or a special kit that can be placed around the litter box.

4. Cat Bed


Cats are animals that can sleep anywhere easily. However, you still need to add a cat bed to make your pet feel comfortable. If necessary, add bedding and blankets to keep your furry friend warm at night.

5. Cat Grass


Cats have a habit of cleaning their body fur. This cat grass is a mixture of wheat, barley, oats, or rye which is good for cats to consume to help prevent them from vomiting hairballs.

6. Cat Food Station


Setting up a cat food station is great for training pets and avoiding chaos in the home. In addition to choosing a good place for cat food, pay attention to the food and drinks consumed by cats. Does your cat need wet or dry food? In fact, you can also add vitamins to their food.

7. Cat Toys


Various tools can be used to play with cats. Like feathers, paint towers, scratch posts, and many more. However, taking the time to play with them is still the best game your cat needs.


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