Baroteka: Modern Cabin With Wooden Architecture In Jamborek’s Forest


Baroteka is a modern cabin that will help you get in touch with nature, hide from the crowds and escape from the hectic daily life. Located in the serene forest of Jamborek, Poland, the cabin was completed in 2021 by studio Zarysy. Get ready to immerse yourself in the natural environment and find peace surrounded by the breathtaking forest landscape.

There are two reasons why this cabin is such a unique project? First, the house is spontaneously created thanks to the extraordinary skill, commitment and great will of the investor. In fact, one might say the cabin is a DIY project inspired by the “Baba Yaga” house. Secondly, the interior is also made in an unusual and unconventional way. Designers only embody directly what is imagination into reality, so there is no rendering process and no plans.


Modern cabin with wooden architecture

The wooden architecture is the main focus of this cabin project. Gives it’s own unique vibe, very warm and comfortable but also comes with a challenge. In order not to feel monotonous, the wood in the interior has been properly impregnated using carefully selected colors. Thanks to this, wood has become a beautiful backdrop to elements that give a natural feel to interiors. In the process, both building materials and interior architecture are made very minimalistic, allowing the play of shapes and colors to be quite free.


Cabin interior design

Being in the cabin, the main attraction is the stairs with a distinctive coral pink color. The color contrasts nicely with the surrounding wood elements, and the modern shape of the staircase breaks up the classic ambiance of a log cabin. This play of color is equally true for the headboard in the bedroom, a subtle burgundy that harmonizes well with the color of the stairs and wood, while separating and emphasizing the bedroom. There are accessories such as paintings inspired by Ines Longevial and beautiful boho rugs that complement the décor nicely.


Cabin with forest background

We probably can’t ignore that the greatest decoration of all is the awesome Jamborek jungle backdrop. The cabin is surrounded by a pine forest that stretches behind the panoramic windows. In the end, it didn’t matter what kind of beautiful architecture was created, without the company of nature, it would be nothing. Enjoy!
















designer: Zarysy


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