Bauhutte Streamers Chairs For Small Face With Large Backrest


Now playing games is not just a hobby or just spending free time but has become a promising profession, and choices in this niche industry are experiencing quite rapid development. Many people started to jump out of the professional gaming arena by becoming game streamers and it was warmly welcomed all over the world. Inspired by this trend, Bauhutte designed the Streamer Chair G-210 which is made for professional streamers and gamers who are often glued to their chairs all day long.

Streamer Chairs are designed for content creators who create small faces with a visual effect that contrasts with a large backrest. In addition, the designer also paid attention to soft and comfortable seats. Like most Japanese furniture brands, they keep on coming up with innovations for geeks, and this chair is definitely one to consider for hours of non-stop streaming of action.


The look of your streaming setup is an important attraction for viewers, and Bauhutte addresses that with major changes to the new stand design. The shape is like a fan for a wider seat background, so that it can make the face stand out. The concept is to have a larger circle-shaped backrest that goes around the face, making it visually small on screen. This chair is also equipped with thick seat cushions to support the body frame.

The seating area is very ergonomic and quite spacious with feet up and cushions that can be removed to adjust the depth of the seat or when you want to clean up accumulated dust. There is also an extra removable headrest on the wide fins if needed. The wide seat frame for lumbar support helps with proper sitting posture and supports the waist. The polyester fabric material offers excellent breathability with a smooth texture for long hours of use.


Like office chairs in general, the Bauhutte Streamers Chair is also equipped with practical seat height adjustments and armrests. The backrest angle reaches 150 degrees ensuring that activities are still comfortable even if you sit for a long time. There is an on/off lock function that allows users to use it as a tilted crib.

If you’re interested in owning these cool chairs right now they are available to order for around $315 in two color options of black and white. So what are you waiting for? Please browse their site.











Designer: Bauhutte


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