15 Most Relaxing Outdoor Bed Ideas You’ll Love


Sometimes we want to stop for a moment from all our activities, forget about work deadlines, or just go on holiday to enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere. However, not all are lucky to have time even for themselves which makes every week seem tiring. If you are really looking for a place to relax, read a book, or just take a nap while accompanied by a refreshing breeze, try building an outdoor bed. So, make sure that when you relax from the stress of the week, you don’t miss out on the warm sunshine.

Many people feel that just lying on their sofa or bed is sufficient. While sleeping is the best way to get back in shape, why not take your outdoor bed

? This is the best solution to enjoy relaxing time because nature itself has a calming effect. Breathe in the fragrance of blooming flowers, listen to the birds chirping, and gaze at the grassy fields stretching out before you, all of which can only be achieved from the comfort of an outdoor bed.

Whatever your activities this weekend, an outdoor bed will feel great as part of your outdoor decor. From just relaxing with a nap, curling up with a good book, or spending the holidays with your partner, here are some outdoor sleeping ideas you’ll love!

1. Minimalist with shades of white


Minimalism is the key to the comfort of this white outdoor bed. This bed has a slightly retro feel with a clean look that makes anyone feel cozy when connected with the natural surroundings.

2. Romantic vibes


Create a romantic atmosphere with your partner with an outdoor bed suspended under an old oak tree. This is the best place under the stars when it’s night time with your loved one.

3. Kid-friendly


Get an outdoor bed to create a fun yet kid-friendly space. Equipped with a playground that will allow them to get out of the house and do activities outside.

4. Pallet bed


Put a few pallets together for the perfect outdoor bed for relaxing, reading a book, or taking a nap.

5. Poolside


Enjoy the comfort of sleeping poolside as you curl up on a warm day. This is a secret paradise that brings tranquility to the outdoors.

6. Cottage style


Make your dream of having a cottage by the lake come true, then complete it with an outdoor bed that is ready to take you to a beautiful dreamland. Enjoy the process accompanied by the sound of the wind caressing the water gently.

7. Backyard deck


Having a narrow backyard deck is not a barrier to having a cozy place to relax. Place your bed outside and you’re ready to enjoy some quality time for yourself.

8. Holiday cottage


If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday cottage by the beach or lake, maybe it’s time to take your bed outdoors. Starting from relaxing, fishing, to taking a nap accompanied by the soothing sound of water, you will be lulled by the beauty of the natural surroundings.

9. Scandinavian design


The outdoor bed brings you a simple Scandinavian lifestyle. With the warm appearance of wooden materials, minimalist accents, and natural surroundings, it gives you the tranquility of life that you may have been looking for.

10. Hidden paradise


Have you ever dreamed of having a hidden paradise among the shady trees? If you have a lush garden or natural landscape in your backyard, that might be your next stop for finding a hiding place.

11. Moroccan bed


Enjoy the outdoor Moroccan feel while relaxing in your simple but comfortable bed. Throw in some pillows and a blanket to transform it from a sofa into a beautiful outdoor bed.

12. Warm lighting


An outdoor bed design would be incomplete without the right lighting ideas. Warm it up with candles, lanterns, or even string lights for warmth all night long.

13. Mediterranean feel


Transform your outdoor space into a Mediterranean paradise with a shaded roof and blue tones that remind you of the sea and help you fall asleep soundly.

14. Simple look


As simple as a bed on the terrace with comfortable pillows and soft textiles, an outdoor bed is a great way to bring the family together and enjoy nature.

15. Rattan bed


Give your outdoor bed an attractive aesthetic appearance with sturdy rattan material. This bed frame is designed beautifully with curtains that protect you when the sun starts to get hot.


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