7 Inspiring Kid-friendly Balcony With Reading Nooks


Balconies are often considered not safe areas for children. That’s why many parents secure their balconies, even trying to keep them out of reach of children playing at home. However, no matter how small the balcony you have, this area can be turned into a truly comfortable and child-friendly place. There are many ways to turn a small balcony into a useful area for your little one, where they can still play, study or read their favorite book without having to worry about safety factors.

In this post, we want to show you 7 inspiring child-friendly balconies with stylish and practical reading nooks that will help make children even more excited about being outdoors. From tiny woodland-themed balcony reading nooks to covered reading nooks with playrooms, find a variety of balcony nook ideas that your kids will love at home. Let’s check it out!

1. Bright reading nook with study desk


A small balcony is no obstacle to creating a kid-friendly balcony space. Choose a bright and striking color palette such as yellow, blue, or green as part of the balcony reading nook. Add a small study desk and chair where your little one can do whatever activities they like.

2. Bohemian reading nook


A boho style room always attracts attention when applied to any area, including the balcony reading corner. The closed balcony design is the right choice because it is safe for children to use, while the boho feel can be seen in the use of floor mattresses, wooden furniture and geometric patterned carpets.

3. Pastel reading nook with play tent


Bring the joy of pastel colors to your child-friendly balcony at home. Starting from children’s chairs, walls, to balcony doors that look bright. To make playtime even more enjoyable, add a kids tent as well as a comfortable reading corner for your little one.

4. Enclosed reading nook with play space


If you are lucky to have a large balcony area, why not turn it into a fun playroom? Create a closed concept with glass walls, add a sofa as a reading corner or a place to relax, while other areas feature a play area that is large enough for several children.

5. Simple balcony with artificial grass floor


Create a balcony reading corner as comfortable as possible for your little one. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can even make it with a few simple settings. From wall storage boxes, plant pots, or even lining the balcony floor using artificial grass. Kids will feel like having an outdoor picnic.

6. Modern reading corner with bean bags


A cozy and modern atmosphere can be seen from this reading corner. The choice of attractive carpet motifs with a small table and floor beanbags makes it the best place to read a book with your little one. To make it even more interesting, add a bit of a fairy tale feel by hanging star accessories.

7. Small woodland themed reading nook


This tiny balcony feels more spacious because it blends with the outside. It has a beautiful woodland feel with fur chairs and wicker baskets for storage. A bookshelf is deliberately placed not too high on the balcony railing to make it easier for little ones to find whatever books they like.


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