Living Room Rugs: 23 Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Copy


Want to beautify your living room with minimal effort? You can use rugs as living room decorations which will add to the beauty and comfort of the room. Rugs offer a lot of color, pattern, and warmth to the living room and influence the overall look of the room. This decorative element also makes a good space statement or can also separate zones in the room. However, sometimes it is not easy to determine how to decorate the living room with carpet.

You can’t add a living room rugs haphazardly, you have to be smart in choosing high-quality materials, colors and patterns that match the tone of the furniture. That is why, you should look for several references in choosing a carpet that really suits the style of your living room

. If you are still confused about finding the right living room rug idea, here are some easy tips and a collection of living room rug images that you can try!


Choose the most suitablerug style

There are many rug options to suit any living room style. For example, vintage, modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, ethnic or even bohemian style carpets. So, don’t be afraid to express yourself so that you find the carpet design that best suits the character of your room. A room’s rug becomes more lively by adding color, pattern and interest to it. Unlike tiles, living room carpets have the advantage of being easy to move.


Match the color of the room

Try letting the living room carpet determine the color scheme of the room or vice versa. The reason is, choosing the right rug can change the overall atmosphere of the room. For example, use a blue rug, which is also used on textile materials, such as sofa cushions, curtains or tablecloths for a harmonious appearance so it doesn’t look monotonous.


Add a rug in the color scheme

One of the easiest ways to add color, warmth and texture to a room is to use a rug. Carpets are a great way to soften hard stone, tile or wood floors. Rugs also provide extra appeal and define zones. That way, you can make a strong statement by treating the carpet as a work of art.


Beautify with patterns

Adding beautiful patterns is one of the most challenging parts of living room design, especially when it comes to rugs. Each carpet pattern has its own character and take this into account when using them. Damask motifs have a more classic feel, while graphic motifs tell a story and add a unique spirit to the room. However, if in doubt, you can use a neutral color scheme.


Try a striped rug

If you want a different look for your living room, try a carpet with a striped motif! This carpet design provides order and structure to a room and has the ability to direct the eye. When you add it to your interior scheme, a striped rug can inject understated elegance. Striped carpets also have the effect of directing the eye and reshaping a space with either wide or narrow stripes, this is a classic pattern that will visually lengthen and widen a room.

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