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Bookcase is not just a medium for storing a collection of books and magazines. It is about how you collect the books on your bookshelf, as book lovers each room can be an opportunity to design a bookshelf that I wanted. Modern bookcase is more than just attractive, bookcase also designed functional and is expected to blend with the room. Some bookcase designs even like to be a part of the room itself, such as a bookcase divider, bookcase cabinets, or the built-in bookcase that can be placed in every room. So let bookshelf represent your personality and style, in  [ Read More ]

Cat furniture by Meyou has launched first collection with three designer cat beds. The Ball, The Cube and The Bed manufactured from natural ingredients. The company said it wants to create a bond between the comfort of our own cats and love for design. The Ball has a cocoon-shaped world constructed of woven cotton, with circular opening for pets that are useful for climbing in and out, while a pair of slanted wooden legs are attached to both sides of the bed as additional support. The Cube has a cotton cocoon similar but housed in a cube metal, while the  [ Read More ]

Wicker furniture is addition to beautiful also includes craft. Wicker is often used for decorating outdoor, patio, sunroom but we can also use it indoors. Building a home decor with wicker furniture more amazing for you who want a rustic style, farmhouse, coastal and beach inspired. For interior vintage shabby and chic, then you can start with wicker stool, chair, sofa, table or even a chandelier and various pieces of wicker storage will look harmonious. Every living room, dining room, bedroom, home office or kitchen becoming more comfortable with wicker pieces. This furniture is very safe for kids and environmentally  [ Read More ]

DIY branch coat rack is a cool way of recycling natural objects for stunning decor in the house, it’s also really useful as furniture design. Make DIY coat rack is actually quite easy, you just need to find a natural branch of the right height and strength to make the hangers from floor to ceiling and bag holder to enter the house. You can also hang a rack or simply attach branch on the wall with beautiful extra frame. They should be painted white or color branch wood that is useful to match the walls, in addition to emphasizing the  [ Read More ]

Starting from the desire of a friend who want to make simple furniture from natural driftwood, it is supported with materials easily gets driftwood because we live near the beach. Initially I thought driftwood furniture is not classy and has a strange design but after I looked for some pictures from Pinterest, my opinion completely changed 180 degrees. Natural driftwood is intelligent ideas and cool for all interiors. Driftwood furniture are environmentally friendly, and you can do any DIY project you want like chairs, mirrors, tables, lamps and many more. Driftwood can be left without changes because of its already  [ Read More ]