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Pets always have a place in the hearts of each of them, such as today’s pets are not treated as before, they are now regarded as one of the family members. But for interior and lifestyle concepts, pet is still regarded as the difference. If you do not want to separate some furniture for your pet, here is a piece of cool that you can buy. PET unit is actually a modular sofa where they can adjust to suit your lifestyle, made of teak wood. It is the perfect space to share with your pet, whether it be cat or  [ Read More ]

Cats are famous animal loner, independent and seemingly indifferent as to every person. But these furry animals so is loved around the world. Perhaps among you all assume that cat is a small furry animals are very cute or other. No matter what the reason, almost all the world would agree that cat was animals that are very adorable. Among the cat lovers is not even just spend time playing with cat, even spend a lot of money to make their cat becomes more comfortable. Want to give something unique and creative for cats? This time I will give you  [ Read More ]

DIY project does not require expensive items, you also do not have to throw away old things because they could use to many things that are useful and fun. In this article I want to try to give you the best ideas of repurposing old wine barrels for pieces of remarkable and decorative items for your home. old wine barrel are already available for free or you can get it for a nominal fee from the flea market. How to best take advantage of old wine barrel is we have to think creatively, old wine barrels for recycling it can  [ Read More ]

I always liked the simple DIY project but can function optimally. One of my little obsession in life is wooden crate, including putting some rustic function in home decor. Is that a antique milk crate, new crate, old crates, crate painted, everything is not a problem. I think some of you may be obsessed with crates and DIY crates project. In this post I have compiled my favorite crate project to inspire you and give you some ideas about how to use the crate in your house. The results are really surprising, I did not think could be useful vintage  [ Read More ]

Bookcase is not just a medium for storing a collection of books and magazines. It is about how you collect the books on your bookshelf, as book lovers each room can be an opportunity to design a bookshelf that I wanted. Modern bookcase is more than just attractive, bookcase also designed functional and is expected to blend with the room. Some bookcase designs even like to be a part of the room itself, such as a bookcase divider, bookcase cabinets, or the built-in bookcase that can be placed in every room. So let bookshelf represent your personality and style, in  [ Read More ]