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Good news for all dog lovers around the world, you will be pleased to hear that Samsung has launched modern dog house with smart concept. Samsung apparently understand the love bond between dogs and their owners that they would even think to make a prototype of dream dog house. This futuristic dog house worth $ 30,000 that offers every dog you live in luxury and full technology. Designed by 12 designers for more than 6 weeks signifies Samsung is very serious with this project. This dog house is also equipped with entertainment wall, automatic dispensers snacks, hot spa tub and  [ Read More ]

This article I want to spoil your eyes with an adorable cat beds. I do not expect you will build a great house pet, especially if you do not want to make or buy the shelter for your pet, then you should see the following beds. Cats like everything comfortable, soft and warm. As their nature so do not hesitate to buy or make cat bed. Alternatively you can renovate cozy basket or choose hammock. Cats really like to climb, so you hang beds or attach them to the wall is the best design. Take advantage of your old stuff  [ Read More ]

Some people really love their pets, even when they move into a house or apartment it is not easy to forget our animal friends. Looking for furniture for cats may be a bit extreme, but most of the pieces of cat furniture is useful to you and your pet. We know that many cat owners want to get their cat companion gift to show that they are loved. You may be able to get them a toy mouse or a can of salmon pate, but the amazing cat furniture can make meaningful and lasting gift pet. Cats really like a  [ Read More ]

You can imagine a hanging chairs in the room? Section cool casual furniture that is suitable for any interior. You will have a lot of advantages to put one of them, can be a swing, reading, watching TV or just take a nap in the warm summer. There are various designs available hanging chairs, all with original pieces, beautiful and comfortable, usually made of wicker or metal base. But if you are not satisfied with the usual hanging chairs, just create your own masterpiece. Wood, metal, wicker and many other designs, add colorful cushions, looked stunning contrast to relax in  [ Read More ]

Makeover dressing room is really beautiful, if you are a woman will definitely agree with me. Starting from a small corner bedroom consists of a full length mirror tilted to the wall and a dresser that women always wanted. Some people think there is something very intrinsic glamor of having a special room just to get yourself ready in the morning, or for a night out. Course having dressing room in your bedroom for luxury it is the dream of every woman who likes to take care of themselves. DIY Ikea dressing room offers all women want. It was the  [ Read More ]