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I yearn for my wife’s romantic furniture, here is a slightly wider angle than a beautiful piece of furniture. Grey became media really effective to soften the tone of black and white, which is the last in our house became too much adoring. Sure, brown floor put in enough new packaging. We had a guy with a change at this time has been hit from the table eat.I want the window and I’m in the middle of the kitchen. I take the right to inject a new order. A man’s home is the closest sleep between long working hours. There  [ Read More ]

Furniture is cheerful with most amazing color art, furniture initially is only for personal entertainment but now you can also have it. Their store sells variety products cushion and paint a diverse picture, you just need to order it and find favorite furniture color. The idea began when the graduation dinner for almost a year ago. It turns out they both have the same desire, and finally opened the furniture store. Together they find that we have something that might work if you collect. via: mobelpobel


My favorite is the Maison et Object hall 8 where some of their furniture in the Netherlands and Denmark gathered there, Start by Muuto, I see amazing lighting design that directly menukau my eyes. I love the bright colors for furniture and accessories, it seems perfect for the home or office collection. Tall vase also had caught my attention, while a collection of 70/70 by TAF Architects, available in four different colors, white, gray, mint green and black. New colors for the creation Muuto powered lights look good too, if you are looking for office furniture in the future then  [ Read More ]


Fall is the beginning we really love this season with warm wooden tones. Whatever your choice in building materials, furniture, or accessories, autumn makes all of the beauty and colors welcome you can only be found from natural wood fibers. We collect the spirit of fall and warm wood furniture for your own home design inspiration. source: dwell

Let’s take a look back on the IKEA furniture from 1951 to 2014. If you have a little enthusiastic IKEA, we are sure you will love and enjoy this collection. We give the IKEA catalog that has come out of the Swedish furniture giant since 1951, you can see or reminisce with IKEA products. With the help of the IKEA Communication’s copywriter we have compiled a list of every IKEA catalog cover, the development of the furniture clearly visible and gives you lots of inspiration or you want to find some IKEA furniture ideas in the past. source : home-designing