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This Christmas more special because it coincides with winter holidays. What is interesting about the winter? I think the snow and Christmas tree will be very fun, but I want to inspire you with paper lanterns are suitable for DIY Christmas project. I love how the paper lanterns look beautiful above fireplace and lit up in the evening to enjoy dinner. I have collected various lantern ideas are easy to Christmas decorations, all made of paper crafts although it is also available at most craft stores. An interesting one of the paper lanterns are you still able to keep it  [ Read More ]

Recycling automotive parts such as cars and motorcycles are the most creative ways to create something for many purposes. When the project is mixed with creativity then this allows us to have a wide range of unique furniture from automotive waste, I’m talking about the coffee table from car tires, table lamp from motorcycle parts, or bench from old car seats. By recycling and reusing automotive parts we have managed to further encourage environmental consciousness while spreading the word in a very graphic manner. Begin to care about the environment includes any action that minimize pollution, conserve resources or improve  [ Read More ]

Halloween is a time of fun for home decorating, dressing up in costumes and devoured the candy should be on the agenda every day. Despite all that fun even I never refuse chocolate and candy Halloween, my favorite dessert still falls on cupcake. Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate Halloween. From the creepy form that is not only able to enter a sweet surprise for holidays, but also able to provide a delicious Halloween atmosphere. Creepy Halloween cupcake for baker is not so professional that can become a reference you to make your own cupcake. I have compiled 35  [ Read More ]

October was special for some people, it means that it is time for the cold weather, falling leaves, and of course pumpkins for halloween. There are pumpkins everywhere, in our food, in our drinks and home decor. But it was also meant to draw out all our creativity and make some cool Halloween pumpkin carving. One is the pumpkin minion, who would have thought cute and adorable characters from the movie Despicable Me this could be an interesting idea to welcome Halloween. Kids until parents would love it because everybody love minion, we have been looking at pinterest to bring  [ Read More ]

Everyone has a its own way of decorating the house, including calendar that is part of your activities. Although 2016 is still quite long, but if you are thinking of creating your own DIY wall calendar. Calendar will help you match all the activities, schedules, appointments and messages, make sure the whole family to have access to right in the eye line so that they can not miss. There are various  genius DIY calendar projects, such as magnetic calendar, chalkboard calendars or photo wall calendar. I have a beautiful little collection of wall calendar for you today. It’s not too  [ Read More ]