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Do not dispose of your old furniture that has been damaged or unused, some old furniture can now be utilized to something that is not only practical but also unique and easy is the ultimate way to recycle. You only need a little creativity, in this article there are so many clever ways to use faulty equipment, old furniture, or even household items everyday becomes something of a surprise. What do you think of garbage first, even ready to fill landfills, it can turn into a unique home decor instead. Check out these DIY unique and easy furniture hacks to  [ Read More ]

Eastern world has the greatest influence on the spread of rugs in the world. One type of rug that is quite popular and has high artistic value is kilim which is a traditional oriental rug. This rug very attractive because of several factors. So, what is it kilim? Kilim itself is woven carpets are made in the traditional way or still use manual way to be woven. This type of carpet is very popular among immigrants. In addition, Kilim rugs also has long been used as a coating to seal the floor, household appliances, tents, and also to decorate the  [ Read More ]

Summer makes everyone happy, especially for kids. This season they will often be outdoor, so it was time to organize your kids hobbies outdoor, and I have set up some cool ideas to let them outdoor play area. The simplest thing is to make the sand box, the idea is very popular and most in love kids, especially for those most small, swing very enjoyable for all ages and genders. You also can make a play outdoor kitchen or sports area with various ladders and climbing areas. Make garden tic tac toe, balancing a wooden zig zag and an area  [ Read More ]

What struck you after seeing this wall art? Originality rooted in the merger, in finding a combination that leaves our conscience of mystery and resurrection. The highest expression by Antonio Mora, a designer and art director from Spain. He wants to give free rein to your fantasy is sake expressive needs through works of wall art for interior. Pictures are opening a gap in our collective memory allows us to watch, even though it was only a hybrid creature that fills our deepest dreams. He describes himself as someone who made a surprise, aware of the images found on blogs,  [ Read More ]

If you like live music, especially for those who are youthful and energetic then you have to have a great sound system in the house. There are several ways to improve the sound insulation decorative, one chose modern soundproofing suite style trendy teenagers. This is very useful for those who live in a rented house or dorm where the walls are thin as paper and strict noise policy as a law, or for those who want to set up a home cinema or music studio. There are several options for soundproofing ideas your home such as acoustic panels, drywalls, padded  [ Read More ]