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The traditional design is characteristic of Scandinavian style, simple but looks warm and cozy. Interior design like this you can have for your kitchen, even if you are not currently in Northern Europe. White domination became key Scandinavian style interior, so in this kitchen throughout walls and furniture white colored. As the heated mix of white with natural colors, green, brown, and red brick. What about motive? This style implements a pattern of lines, squares, or floral. Much of wood materials used for rustic style interiors, therefore, apply the Scandinavian kitchen wooden furniture sets, look more beautiful space decorated with  [ Read More ]

Smart kitchen organization proven to optimize room even if you only have a limited space. The more effective your kitchen, the less time and effort that you will spend. The key is to keep things in place but also adds some practical storage techniques. Today I offer some of the most creative kitchen storage ideas about how you can decorate, based on my experience that a good kitchen organization can streamline operations, train your staff and turn your kitchen into a working machine that is excellent. “An effective and efficient kitchen centered on good organization. Start of determining the level  [ Read More ]

Homeowners Kristin Harrison spent two years renovating space inside historic house located at 1909 Pasadena, California. Kitchen became his main concern when he began working with interior designers Charmean Neithart and Warren Techentin architecture to create an attractive kitchen design with vintage authenticity combined with modern facilities. This kitchen has beadboard ceiling painted aqua color, kitchen cabinets with beautiful wallpapers and much more. Check them out along with more photos taken by Erika Bierman, so you should not miss! source: houseofturquoise

Having small house will have a little problem, especially in arranging space, such as building a kitchen area with limited space. But you do not need to be disappointed though does not have room for large kitchen, as long as you have creative ideas in arranging the small kitchen will be a kitchen that is clean, elegant and look sloppy. By focusing on efficiency and maximizing existing space, we are able to make small kitchen look more spacious than actual size. That is by maximizing use of space with maximum vertical cabinet design that can accommodate high in a lot  [ Read More ]

I want a small kitchen that can serve large. Best kitchen which has a smart layout, very efficient, and be a storage solution for limited space. I have found some refreshing inspiration for a major renovation and will overcome the problem of limited space of my kitchen, in this article there are 12 kitchen saving ideas that really works for me. Hope you like it too! Custom Detail is first pilohan brilliant. If you can, make the elements in accordance with a proper kitchen space, and utilize every square inch. Kitchen was built on sloping special counters for kitchen apartment.  [ Read More ]