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Kitchen is most important part of the house, such as the heart where the family gathered throughout the day to eat and spend time together. You will be hard to distinguish between inside and outside, the kitchen will be invited to bring nature to the concept of space. Trees and mountains visible in concrete, wood and organic shapes in everything from floor to the field and storage racks. A homely kitchen and realized, with clean lines and white background. Designed by Norema, a designer from Norway has created a Scandinavian style to rustic and modern kitchen ideas. each has their  [ Read More ]


I always wanted large kitchen with open space and functional. Italian designer kitchen, Scavolini create a combination of large and small that I want. This large kitchen ideas with all the amenities, you can make a living room or kitchen area in the apartment. Contemporary design of the collection looks fun kitchen to meet your needs. Easy to setup with the majority of cabinets on one wall, and geometric shapes using straight lines and rectangles. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of colors, natural elements to be integrated with modern design table and chairs for dining. Here are some  [ Read More ]

Japanese kitchens has sleek design, modern, dynamic and always looks elegant, like 20 Japanese kitchens from ToyoKitchen that shows every elements of traditional design with fairly modern setting. You can create warm and comfortable atmosphere, interior clean and able to incorporate space between cook, eat and relax in one room. Japanese interior identical with warm tones and wooden floors, cool touch of stainless steel, and some simple kitchen equipment. Open space allows brighter lighting to seating area and your cooking, combination of clean lines and minimalist decor make Japanese kitchen ideas interesting. You do enjoy being able to room design  [ Read More ]

Modern Kitchens by Katarzyna Kraszewska very easy for you to add other features, such as the utilizing kitchen and added a dining room into a stylish interior. Dining room accommodates kitchen, combined with plenty of places to eat you or with family. If you have limited space, this kitchen ideas should probably have in your home. In addition to being functional kitchen doubles, activities or other facilities in the room you can do here, such as the office work, watching TV, a place to learn for children or even enjoy a relaxing time. In this post we will provide modern  [ Read More ]

Modern kitchen designed by Italian designer Roberto Pezzetta and awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design. The kitchen is successfully received “Good Design Award 2009”. This kitchen ideas using amazing lights and is characterized by the opposition between linearity and smooth, and signs of life in same mix to great effect. This project uses a unique chemical and physical properties of materials such as kitchen furniture (thickness 24 mm), satin glass is available in 7 colors and a frame-mounted, aluminum painted black or black with epoxy resin that provides high durability against corrosion. You can turn kitchen with  [ Read More ]