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I want a small kitchen that can serve large. Best kitchen which has a smart layout, very efficient, and be a storage solution for limited space. I have found some refreshing inspiration for a major renovation and will overcome the problem of limited space of my kitchen, in this article there are 12 kitchen saving ideas that really works for me. Hope you like it too! Custom Detail is first pilohan brilliant. If you can, make the elements in accordance with a proper kitchen space, and utilize every square inch. Kitchen was built on sloping special counters for kitchen apartment.  [ Read More ]

We want fresh new kitchen, good and invite or update what we already have, because I was extra cautious and seek inspiration from everywhere. I do not like the kitchen dilapidated, ugly or worn, it was just a little too romantic for my taste. Cutest pastel kitchen really made me fall in love, I do not run out ideas, on the contrary, I have too many and they run in many directions. The boxes on the wall in different shapes and different colors is nice touch that makes personal kitchen. A good alternative for heavy cabinets, they give expression easier.  [ Read More ]

Many kitchen ideas that you can do to create colorful kitchen, kitchen cabinets are no longer limited to black and white wood, or plain natural. We inspired by two colors cabinets, colorful kitchen island, interior and painted cabinet in bright colors. This kitchen uses the entire color with bold, a little refresher that will turn your kitchen space. The beauty lies in the kitchen decorating and color options cabinets, storage is easy, and some even wear open space. Here are 20 kitchens with painted cabinets that will transform your kitchen! source: pinterest

country kitchen decor

Country kitchen design still exists and in love because it has historical value and looks simple, rustic interior is dominated with wooden accents and classic furniture to enhance the traditional impression. Structuring good closet and open space with large windows allowing you to see the scenery outside the home. Wooden roof truss and floor mingling with wooden ceilings also looks chic form of traditional touch. It reminds me of the past, into the dining room with kitchen space to improve togetherness. You can see the stone wall diperapian right under the ceiling of natural wood, classic table and chairs set  [ Read More ]

Kitchen is the best place I want to put up wallpaper, shiny and uniform surface design makes me tired to make a big change in a small space. Choice finally fell for luxury wallpaper, I think they are still cheaper when compared to tile or fancy furnishings, while wallpaper is easier to clean and it was very enjoyable. Most people have trouble installing kitchen wallpaper with a variety of reasons, little success tip you can give to a wall of plexiglass layer between upper and lower cabinets to protect the paper from water and oil. It inspired me to find  [ Read More ]