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Start your day with all the busyness requires a preparation, and the breakfast nook is the perfect place to do it. In addition to the kitchen and dining room, you can try to build a breakfast nook that will make you and your family closer, either you try to feed the kids to school or just enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. I think the idea of a breakfast corner is not just a place to enjoy a meal, but more intimate than a formal dining table. The breakfast nook is usually often tucked away in a small  [ Read More ]

Good news for pet lover’s around the world, IKEA now has announced their product is slightly different time than usual because it is designed for pets. LURVIG is a new contemporary furniture line made specifically for cats, dogs and other small domestic pets. LURVIG collection consists of a variety of purposes that your pet will spoil them, consisting of a soft bed for dogs and cats, house by foot to cats, cushions for dogs, and even a small pet carrier that is comfortable. Everything looks stylish and practical and certainly integrates with any kind of furniture in your home. Curious?  [ Read More ]

Are you ready to enjoy this beautiful melting weekend? Maybe you already have some plans for Easter this year, and I believe you also have an Easter dress for you to dress up and be ready for guests. Easter had crawled into the season and between that you have prepared, lest you forget the Easter table decorations for tomorrow. This is a fun meeting time with your family, friends, or business associates, and to make it look perfect, you do not have to put a lot of festive touches. Easter centerpiece ideas will be the perfect way to get ready  [ Read More ]

There are always sweet memories when it comes to Easter, and somehow Easter feels very beautiful when I was a kid. This is what I want to tell my kids when it comes Easter, in which a lot of fun when decorating Easter eggs that involves us as parents. My parents used to be very enthusiastic when we tried to decorate Easter eggs, when they bought a whole lot of dye tablets in the supermarket, followed by my mother who wanted to sacrifice all the white vinegar on the process to make the eggs really colorful and cool. Lucky this  [ Read More ]

Working at home does not mean your inspiration is limited, especially in today’s digital age, there are so many sources of information you can get. We all know many sites showing a pin of inspiration, and a popular one is possible with Pinterest. But whatever you want to have, there’s still something so fun about having the images and ideas you love on the actual paper. Perhaps this is why many people create inspirational boards for their home offices. I think it’s really entertaining, because your house is where you work and you can do anything that can make your  [ Read More ]