21+ Creative Ikea MALA Easel Hack For Kids


Every Ikea product is renowned for being functional and easy to hack, including furniture for children. If you are a parent like me, then I’m sure you have a collection of Ikea MALA easels which have become popular as part of children’s development. These seem to be in every home that has children, day care centers, schools and children’s gym areas. The classic design is a little boring, so let’s change it to make it more beautiful and creative.

If you are not familiar with the Ikea Easel, one side is made of chalk board and the other side is made of dry erase. This is a great medium for children to learn letters, numbers, colors, and much more. You can get creative on a budget, you can even use Ikea hacks

to turn it into something special.

We’ve rounded up some of our easy Ikea MALA easel hack ideas that will get kids excited about learning at home. Let’s see!


Simple Ikea easel hack

Here you must have an Ikea Mala easel, paint, wrapping paper, brushes, scissors and tape. Once everything is ready, coat the middle inside and middle outside of the easel, then coat it with your favorite paint. For the tray, you just put the wrapping paper in it and trace the size, then cut it. Once you have finished cutting the paper, just place the paper in the tray and then attach it using glue or tape.


Ikea easel hack with chalk paint

Apart from coating it with paint, you can also makeover an Ikea easel with chalk paint. I guess if you have kids, chances are you also have a chalkboard. If you don’t have one, I suggest using a DIY Ikea easel. It’s great for them to learn and have fun. You only need a little Chalk Paint in different colors on the outside area and white on the chalkboard area.


Why the Ikea Mala easel hack?

Ikea easels are great because they are so versatile, in fact there are no limits to how you can use them. And if you make it for your kids, it’s perfect because it can grow with them. Below are several reasons why you should have an Ikea MALA easel at home.

  • The Ikea easel is the perfect size for setting up a kid’s art station in a playroom or classroom. You just have to add a small bench that has been cut in front of it.
  • Use chalk markers to turn them into fun chalkboard signs for when you have parties or guests. Fun signs should be one of your favorite party supplies.
  • Use it as the end of a room divider because it has two sides.
  • Get some dry erase markers and use them for homeschool lessons or to help with homework.

Here are more Ikea easel ideas for kids!




















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