You would not think that if this house was originally an old warehouse and outdated. Fashion designer Lynda Newton and her husband walked into the barn on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne Hawthorn East, it was not love at first sight. But they agreed, that they just found their next project and together with architect Gail Long of Stoll Long Architecture, they devise a plan to restore the old mill into a residential home that is comfortable and inviting, contemporary three bedroom homes for their families. As a designer of her own fashion company, Lynda has the skills  [ Read More ]

This house filled with touch of culture everywhere, designed by Hank Mitchell through art, global objects, and textiles for interiors. Hank seems to want to build a modern house with maintaining cultural heritage and tell her personal story. The house uses the classic accent full of paintings and photographs in black and white, natural wood furniture and a cozy fireplace. Hank is very creative decorate the room like desire, one red painting hung on the right is a valuable piece painted by his brother who had died. The bathroom remains a favorite choice of mine and really awesome, some water  [ Read More ]

I was really impressed with rural house design in the December/January Homestyle Magazine, It’s like a mix of classic and modern style that make its residents very comfortable mood. Would have been nice to enjoy eating outdoors, breathe fresh air or eating homemade bread. Rustic home decor using natural elements and a lot of open space, some of the furniture is also very beautiful, I can say this house is suitable for you who want a place away from the crowds or vacation.