House wall will look amazing with DIY graphic wall banners. They are a great alternative to framed art to decorate your walls that allow you to say anything. Wall banners are a fun way that you can do yourself at home, a DIY project that requires creativity you from funny to convey your feelings. Take a few simple ingredients now as rope, paper, twigs, fabric and write your equipment. Use a little imagination and begin to beautify the walls, 10 DIY wall banner below will hopefully help you find cool ideas for writing! source: apartmenttherapy

Wall hangings is an easy solution for those who are not allowed wall painting or do not want to commit, you only need a few small spike are all that is needed. Exotic wall hangings you can find around, or even carpets, blankets, and unique fabric collection will be useful. You should consider the bright wall around to find the right wall decor. Here are 10 wall hangings that will transform your home! I really love art, especially all the antique style, Morocco beautiful quilts and wall hangings appropriate for the bedroom. Although there are many outside wall hangings, but  [ Read More ]