Small Home Design | Two Floor with Minimalist Architecture

There are many surprises on the small home design takes a minimalist architectural style, when in view of the vast land where this Home stands it seems you would not have guessed that the facilities on offer is very complete and not lose by a large House. Built by the Italian company and only utilize the 80 square meters of land was also able to give minimalist house design ideas. There are 2 floors in small home interior design, although only partially built home for upstairs but good room Setup provides satisfaction for its inhabitants. Small home designers create the perfect combination in any room, such as living room with bookshelves, bedroom with closet and dining rooms that blend with the interiors of Home. Small house design with two floors was built with a lot of room, but take advantage of the home architecture design such as this would be more profitable, so do not be surprised if there are many open spaces that instantly blends with nature as to give the impression of a wider in every room.

source : modernarchitectureconcept


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