AirShip 002: Futuristic And Modern Homes With Submarine Concept

Located in the most strategic place in the Scotland Highlands, AirShip 002 might be the perfect location for those who like to travel and want to be closer to nature. At first glance maybe this house looks like a submarine from afar, but this futuristic house is actually an iconic aluminum pod designed by Roderick James Architects, with a kitchen, double bed, shower, toilet flush, spring, main electricity, balcony and sitting area and lots window to let natural light bathe the modern interior. This place offers a unique experience for guests, Airship 002 became one of the favorite places to spend the night in the UK. It is located in a beautiful and stunning position, secluded position on a 4 acre site with stunning views across the Sound of Mull towards Tobermory (on the Isle of Mull), and out to sea, towards Ardnamurchan Point.

The best thing you can get if staying here is that you will get the peace and quiet while enjoying the view of the mountains and the beautiful sea thanks to the unique design of his home. If you plan to vacation in the UK, they are now available on Airbnb for bookings. Here is a gallery of holiday homes with submarine concepts that are difficult to miss, let’s check!


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