20 Wonderful Indoor Ponds

Placing wonderful indoor ponds can be a smart idea for house interior, we collect individual projects that have an element born of ancient Eastern philosophy by modern Western world. Water and garden concept synonymous with peace and prosperity, water pond is able to give a great contribution for interior and soothe soul of the occupants of the house. We see a variety of brilliant water garden arrangement, even as the areas located under the floating staircase. A combination of several elements such as water, fish, and garden are exceptional in aesthetics. Adding a fish pond in your house right now, maybe one of them is your dream.

There are many choices of fish ponds that can be found, one of which lake-shaped ponds complete with a wooden boat, the first time we see really awesome and give a new color for the home setting. Let us invite you to look further collections.

Make the ponds at home is very nice, but what if we add a large tree for accessories. This is really brilliant in our opinion.

You certainly can not forget Japanese interior style when we talk about home garden, indoor ponds image is taken from one of their collections.

20 wonderful indoor ponds can be a new inspiration to decorate the room, hopefully in this post there are things new and exciting for you to discover, and we love to hear your stories for more building.

Bonus :

Tropical interiors you can have in the collection by Pultab Design. Unique design sailboat models shaped pulls you into the pool, while the walls are more natural with a striking green. It is a combination of tropical modernism and classical forms a charming, although you should be cautious for maintain the level of functionality through incorporation springboard platform that floats in the feature composition. If you want the room clean and smooth tropical style, then you can try out their ideas.

source : pinterest


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