Fashion Houses By Faye Toogood

This time I review a little bit about life and fashion houses by Faye Toogood, she has managed to find extraordinary beauty in the unexpected arrangement of objects, and use them to create installations for fashion houses. Faye Toogood began his career after graduating from college and appear for a job interview with Min Hogg, founding editor and creative force of The World Interiors magazine. Toogood’s affection for contrasts is clearly at play in the cozy late-Georgian London house she shares with her husband and young daughter. Its small rooms are filled with things antique and modern, fine and flea market, pristine and mended. “I like to combine the precious and the raw,” she explains.

This house was inspired by his childhood in the English countryside, where she will take different things from the outdoors such as rocks, bird eggs, a piece of broken pottery and put them in her bedroom. She gives texture and contrast of light and dark, even in the back of his house there is a garden with channels of the 17th century. Check the following fashion house, and found visual skills in the art of truth.

photo: Henry Bourne

source: NYtimes


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