Newest Luxury House From Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

After marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expressed his desire to seek a new home. And now the search ended after both finding the perfect place to stay. Newest house is located not far from the house Kris Jenner, the mother. The celebrity couple was touted spend of $ 20 million to get their dream home. The new home of Kim and Kanye were in the land of 3,5 acres with luxurious amenities such as two swimming pools, spa and barbeque. Even in the residence there own vineyards.

Then what about old family house West which is currently under repair? “They want to land bigger than house in Bel-Air, so now they have two homes., But later Kim and Kanye will sell the house and moved to Hidden Hills,” said a source quoted by E News, Thursday (7/8/2014). One of the reasons is KimYe want to move house because they want to get tighter security than previous residence. Given the celebrity couple is now blessed with a little girl is adorable. “(Hidden Hills) is more private and safe with all the security,” said the same source. Here’s newest home of Kim and Kanye!


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