Beautiful Family Retreat With Farmhouse Style In South Carolina

This is a dream family home for those who long for the calm feel of the countryside, a very beautiful farmhouse style designed by Pursley Dixon Architecture in collaboration with Whitlock Builders. Located on a beautiful site in South Carolina, this family retreat design is inspired by traditional American cloak structures, but still maintains rural simplicity while offering a distinctive living space. Almost all parts of the house are surrounded by large windows that frame the stunning surrounding natural landscape into grasslands and rolling pools that make up the property.

Blessed with a tranquil environment with beautiful ponds, lush trees and lush landscapes as far as the eye can see. The combination of glass, stone and wood is perfect for a family retreat that sits on a warm and friendly exterior facade. Walking into the house, immediately greeted by a spacious open-plan and invite homeowners and their guests to relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday. If you are bored with the hustle of the city and want to have a relaxing family home, here is a family retreat gallery that is very charming and timeless. Get inspired!

Photography: Chris Edwards

source: onekindesign


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