Wall House Design By Michael Haverland Architect

Wonderland Wall House designed by Michael Haverland Architect located on Water Mill (New York).

Water Mill, NY

Two virtually opaque stucco walls separate the approach, parking and road from the glass house and landscaped oasis beyond. The two planes shift to accommodate existing native trees and reveal a glass entrance.

Stained concrete floors with brass inlay, exposed structure, textured stucco walls inside and out, large windows, and thirteen-foot ceilings create a casual yet elegant loft feel.

An outdoor patio defines the axis for the adjacent pool with an existing artist’s studio beyond, which is covered in Ivy to become sculptural topiary and blend with the landscape. The master bedroom is raised to create a more intimate space with a lower ceiling height as well as protect the roots of nearby specimen trees.

Floto + Warner

Departures, September, 2012


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