Kawakawa House Piha With Spectacular Nature Show

This is a spectacular beach house that takes advantage of the natural environment around the site and can be used throughout the year. Designed by Herbs Architects who have managed to set up a site at the base of a steep mountain slope behind a beach that is completely covered by tall adult Pohutukawa trees, perhaps this retreat was named Kawakawa House Piha. Although it was difficult to pass, the site was equipped with access through the road, while the two-story house in front of the site covers the lower sea view.

The house is like hanging in the trees and is under the top of the mountain on the east curving to the north. This idea made the house challenging the sun and subject to land winds in the summer months. The goal is none other than to lift the sea view from the living room and lift the bedroom closer to the light and the tree canopy.

This house is not only blessed with a beautiful natural environment, but the deciding factor of this house is because the architects are really smart in taking advantage of the spectacular views of the Pohutukawa trees and mountains around the house and allowing light to enter from above. Plans at the top level is a simple rectangle with an open central courtyard which will bring natural light into the heart of the upper level and provide circulation around the house.

The living room is designed as a closed deck with open mouth surrounded by scenery, the central courtyard provides an outdoor living room that is protected when the wind blows from the west.

photography: patrick reynolds


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