20 Cool Outdoor Kids Play Areas For Summer

Summer makes everyone happy, especially for kids. This season they will often be outdoor, so it was time to organize your kids hobbies outdoor, and I have set up some cool ideas to let them outdoor play area. The simplest thing is to make the sand box, the idea is very popular and most in love kids, especially for those most small, swing very enjoyable for all ages and genders. You also can make a play outdoor kitchen or sports area with various ladders and climbing areas. Make garden tic tac toe, balancing a wooden zig zag and an area for drawing or leaving traces. Let the kids make a tent or playhouse, especially in the tree will form their creativity. Do not forget to pay attention to the safety zone play, you can cover it with grass or sand because kids often run and they could fall. The following 20 outdoor play area can you find for this summer!


source: pinterest


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