Jorge Lorenzo Luxury Homes, MotoGP Champion 2015

Rivalry and exciting battle in MotoGP Valencia, last week has spawned a world champion Jorge Lorenzo. Who is Lorenzo? The whole world knows he is a rival at once teammates of Valentino Rossi. However, where he lives, and what kind of residence, only a handful who know. Spanish youngster’s future was not only good at riding a motorcycle, a Yamaha, but also has great taste choosing a home. Lorenzo palace inhabited so luxurious and grand. Unsparing, the building area reaches 1,200 square meters. The location is in the suburbs of Barcelona. Lorenzo house consists of four bedrooms and five bathrooms. In addition, there are other facilities that pamper occupants, ie, two jacuzzi, two pools of warm water, and a fitness facility.

Lorenzo also furnishes his home with a private theater and a private discotheque as place him partying. How can enter the house with a modern architectural style of this? Guests are greeted by a wooden gate that is guarded by a layered security system. This gate is directly connected with access to the swimming pool with sun deck. When it reaches the pool deck, guests are offered a stunning panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and nature Barcelona are still green.

After enjoying the gate and pool, guests will be escorted to the ground floor. Two of the MotoGP World Championship trophy in 2010 and 2012 were won by Lorenzo became the most prominent interior elements. Entering the play area, there is a pool table and poker table. however, the latter is not yet used by the Yamaha Movistar rider. Lorenzo private room is the largest room in the house, equipped with a stone-walled bathroom and the lights dim.

Future home is designed as smart home. Lorenzo can access most of features and facilities in the house by using the iPad. However, of all the features and facilities available in this house that attracted the most attention is the garage which holds all the vehicle collection Lorenzo, starting from Yamaha YZF-R1, Yamaha Motocross 450 CC, Yamaha TMax Scooter, and Yamaha Enduro. In addition, Lorenzo also has a Mercedes SLS-AMG, which he considers one of the most valuable treasures. So if you are interested in the champion’s home? I would love to hear from you!


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