Hale Huna: Beach Family Retreat To Escape And Relax


Hale Huna is a cozy family beach retreat as well as a place to escape from the outside world. Set within 4,300 hectares of conservation parkland, and just meters from a black sand beach, it was designed by Walker Warner Architects. This simple house operates entirely outside the network, the goal is to avoid striking architecture that we often see in the design of a beach house in general. It is a family-focused retreat designed to disappear into the surrounding black lava terrain and native vegetation, including groves of Heliotropes trees.

This house has undergone many renovations, the house originally designed by Vladimir Ossipoff, famous for his work in Hawaii. After years of damage and misdirected renovations paralyzed the house from its original glory. Undeterred, the owner’s family fell in love with the simple diagram of the house and its remote location.

The biggest challenge in this house is to remove the entire house to the roots and rebuild it, taking inspiration from Ossipof while meeting contemporary requirements. The result was a one bedroom main house, plus a guest cottage with three bedrooms that together take up the back seat to the back. Accessed via a one mile ride through lava fields, complex low-pitched emerged calmly from out of the mist.


From the architects,

“It’s less about the building, more about the experience of the site and respecting what makes it special. We wanted the house to be a part of that experience rather than a?centerpiece.”





From the architects,

“I did the opposite of what the architecture accomplishes so beautifully. Inside, things have asymmetry and softness, a little island color and a lot of?ease.”









From the architects,

“The simple architecture and light footprint on the site conceals the complex underlying systems required to sustain such a remote home with no access to utilities. The house is completely off-the-grid so we planned for a high degree of self-sufficiency through solar panels, energy storage, and on-site water purification and?storage.”

Photography: Douglas Friedman


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