Summer Cottage House Under 45 Square Meters

Summer houses mostly Scandinavian style, like cottage located in Finland archipelago belongs to Johanna and her husband Jari and their daughter, Tilda. Originally this island almost impossible to put the cottage house, but it did not deter couples who had previously spent many summers on the island. In spite of everything, we knew that the island was supposed to be ours. We started building a dock that is strong enough that we could go ashore with a lot of things. We will make almost everything with us here, as well as drinking water, says Jari. First summer on the island is used to clear the land and build the outdoor toilet and small living room. Later, a house built with the ground at one end, where to eat in the center and sauna at the other end, while the upper floor contains a bedroom. The pair accounted for a house with an architect, and it is important for them that the finished house will suit the landscape. Now 45 square meter cottage house completely black, simple and discreet among the trees and overlooking the water.

source: boligliv


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