House Paint Color Trends During 2016

House color trends are not changed every year, but there are some colors that was popular for applications indoors during 2016. In this year turns bright colors dominate many wall color in some parts of the world. It reflects the people who started creative in choosing color and do not be afraid to use colors that are bolder. This post will show you what’s trending house paint color during 2016, I think in the coming years this color will still be favored by many people to paint their house. Let’s check!


Pink color became one of the most hits of color to paint the room in 2016. But the most attractive pink color to paint the room is inclined to peach. Pink itself is called implies warmth and softness. Although this color is more identical as a woman of color, but many families in the United States chose the color pink to turn their room.


Yellow color is sometimes dazzling, but it turned out to be a favorite color for a room in 2016. The yellow color is applied to room would not hurt the eyes when combined with neutral colors such as black and white, gray, and beige.


Green is the color of nature that previously was not used for coloring home. But in 2016, proved to be a lot of green used to color the room. This color can create the impression of natural and refreshing.

Dark Blue

Dark blue color is a blend of blue and green. This color is used to paint the inside walls of the home. This color is also suitable when combined with black, white, and brown.

Light Blue

In addition to dark blue, light blue color also liked by many people in 2016. The light blue color is more gray to provide interesting touches in the house. This color reflects the softness and tranquility as well as make the room more calm atmosphere.


Violet color also demand a lot of people, especially women. This color is able to defeat colors are softer to apply to the room. With combined with brown and white, reflects the spirit in the room.


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