Murnane Residence From Project M+

Home tour will feature hillside home for modern family home. Covering a unique design, personally interior and exterior, is a space that feels so completely original and thoughtful of two different design professional. Designed by Cleo and McShane Murnane, co-founders of the Los Angeles-based Project M+ is based in Los Angeles. Home surrounded stunning hills views with lots of glass windows that implements the concept open to accommodate their special needs and aesthetic desires.

From the architects, Set high above Silver Lake in the Moreno Hills, the Murnane residence is a testament to uncompromising determination. Priced out of the real estate market and expecting their first child, Cleo and McShane set their sights on building from the ground up. Working day and night from a tiny garage in Echo Park, the two paid off their land debt and secured a construction loan. One shaman to bless the land, two contractors and five years later, the project was complete.

Cantilevered beautifully up a steep cliff, the residence merges outside panoramic views with chic, modern functionality. Balancing McShane’s devotion to minimalist design and Cleo’s need for liveable family comfort, the two created a work of art now valued at double their investment.


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