Stylish Tiny Houses With 160 Square Feet

If you are looking for tiny house with a quite affordable price then this stylish tiny houses can be the best choice. It has spacious 160 square feet, the Escape Vista offers a beautiful twist on economical living. A tiny house that is perfect for your holiday in all seasons, although you will not find a full size fridge, an oven, or bathtub, you will be spoiled with very comfortable facilities. A fridge under the counter and storage area, with cabinets, shelves and more. It also offers a pop-up flatscreen TV with Blu-ray, laundry room and a cozy daybed. One that I like about this house is the installation of large glass windows in almost every room, it lets you enjoy the sights around. The house is available for purchase with prices ranging from $ 39,900 and orders can be delivered within 30 to 60 days. So get immediately for the best deals!


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