Forest House: Family Retreat In Northern California

This house was built for family retreat hidden in the wooded hills of Northern California, where the whole family, friends and colleagues can get together when they want to holidays. Finally the house is finished with using the forest as concept of the house itself. Not just a single building, the house consists of a group of tent cabins, three quarter sleeping, a living room and dining room together. Go up into the forest canopy on stilts and connected by a wooden walkway and gathering place. It aims to cultivate laughter and hospitality with family and friends. Tent roof and walls enables a connection with natural sound settings and seasonal changes, while the glass window with big frame gives stunning landscape views with walls and wood floors lend warmth and support modern living comfort, deep in the forest. Being in this house you will immediately feel the forest and home to one by blurring the indoor and outdoor spaces. Let’s see!

source: envelopead


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