Water Lily House With Paragraph 79 Scheme


The Water Lily House is a contemporary home by AR Design Studio set on a reservoir site in Alresford. This project itself is in the process of submitting a plan for the ‘Paragraph 79’ scheme. Built to provide water to a neighboring salad farm, the reservoir was never used and had been inundated for years.

This house is for the Structural Engineer client and his family. Considering the rural context, development falls under the special conditions of ‘Paragraph 79’, which requires isolated developments in the countryside to be projects of exceptional quality or of innovative design nature.


This building concept relies heavily on a symbiotic relationship between the building and the site. It has been distilled in the design process, and from this the shape of the water lily emerged, the plant itself plays an important role in enhancing the ecosystem of the life of the pond. The water lily house has a unique design that resembles this aquatic plant, providing innovative housing in an underutilized location.






Visualizer: nu.ma

Designer: AR Design Studio


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