Vacation Retreat House Under 45 Square Meters

A vacation house can be the perfect choice to spend time with family. Vacation homes by Claesson Koivisto Rune just under 45 square meters, which is the limit allowed by local building regulations. This vacation retreat is suitable for a young family with their two kids. The main house is just 8 meters uphill, leading to the decision to closed facade that will give you privacy, while others are more open facade that overlooks the water line and invited a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. This house follows the topography and folds slightly in the plan where the little ravine runs perpendicular to the house. Living room and kitchen are in wing which have the highest ceiling height, has a single roof that is connected with bedroom. This helps to form a pitched roof with a peak running. If you think this house is unique, then look more beautiful than the picture below!

source: claessonkoivistorune


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