22 Beautiful Mediterranean Style For Your Home Decor

Give Mediterranean touch to the decor of your home and I am sure you will like the splash of sunlight, from cool blues to a lovely Spanish-style tiles. As the name implies, these decorations come from Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy. The decor showing sand color scheme that reflects the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, wooden ceilings and marble floors are also identical with this style. However, this style also needs presence of furniture and other accessories that will complete. Tiles are an important part of the public and Mediterranean decor, presence accessories such as tables and mirrors will look like a mosaic.

About color, in addition to the color of sand as the main option, you can also choose blue sea and blue sky, terracotta, lavender and yellow. The purpose of color scheme like this is to make the atmosphere of the Mediterranean is becoming increasingly warm. Despite the rough texture of Mediterranean decor looks a little old, but that’s the interesting part of this style. Columns, plaster moldings and cornices are also commonly applied in a Mediterranean style, while the fabric and rugs will add to the warmth of the Mediterranean style in your home. The following gallery Mediterranean decor that you can apply to your next home style, let’s check it out!


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