Artistic House With Original Kenyan Crafts

Social media can indeed be the greatest source of inspiration today, and this is one of those people who have inspired me so much. Today I will introduce you to a great and inspiring woman, Manon Valesca Maria from The Life Traveler. Why is she so inspiring? You will know after seeing her home. Manon is a very creative blogger, in addition to his work has appeared in many Dutch lifestyle magazines, she is also a creator of Naramatisho, a original Kenya craft label. Currently Manon and rainbow family divides his time between Kenya and Amsterdam to gather experience and positive thinking, it makes me feel really inspired by the work and life.

One of the best of her Manon is a very private and beautiful, there are many amazing things from each room, and authenticity is the key word here. I like her obsession with plants and making indoor forests, to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Kenyan handicrafts also help give ethnic impression on the walls, a little touch of boho chic and positive vibrations to feel. If you’re curious about Manon journey, you can visit her Instagram account to give him lots of love, inspired!

source: happyinteriorblog


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