Amazing Mexican House Friendly With Nature

This amazing house in Guadalajara, Mexico. Very friendly to the environment even though it has a magnificent modern architecture. Labeled Casa OM1, Andres Escobar from AE Arquitectos has managed to create a dwelling that is not only comfortable but also very close to nature.

This Mexican house is not only full of plants but also a very sturdy building structure. You can see in the backyard sloping include stone retaining wall filled with plants, while green lawn leads directly to the house.

The main living room can be opened directly opposite the backyard and pool. While the wooden deck with hidden lighting is home to an enclosed outdoor dining area and a privacy kitchen.

Walking inside, there is a living room, dining room and kitchen all sharing in the same room. Both sides of the open space for green space, and the use of high ceilings allow plenty of light into the house.

Not only there, beside the main living room is still an internal courtyard, full of plants and water features are refreshing.

Still inside the area, there is also a glass wall that deliberately showcased the courtyard of the hallway that spoil the eye.

Walking in the hallway and side yard there are several wooden, steel and glass stairs that lead upstairs.

The concept of green open space is the main attraction of this Mexican house. Not because it follows the trend but architects really want to unite nature with interior design, a really interesting idea.

source: contemporist


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