Bali Nature Holiday With Rice-Field And Mountain Views

Bali is famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches, besides Bali’s forest has also been widely known to save many miracle rich in green plants and wildlife. If you think the charm of Bali is just that, then you do not really know about Bali yet. Not too far from Bali’s water and forest, villa mana is a superb six-bedroom holiday villa located in Canggu, southwest of Bali, offering stunning views of rice fields and mountains and attentive service from a skilled chef and experienced team of staff. Which would like to offer you the other side of the beauty of Bali, rural atmosphere is felt here with a refreshing natural pool. The interior design includes glass, stone and wood. With high ceilings 3.7 meters, natural stone, sexy decoration, rooftop accommodation, water features, hanging gardens,, custom designed furnishings and cutting-edge technology, this property is spacious, unique and undeniably very chic.

If you want the other side holiday in Bali but still fascinated with nature, then the villa where is the right choice, as you will see in the photo the photographer Daniel Koh. Let’s check!


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